A Maze Ball

Genre: Rolling ball

Format: Unity

Built in: Unity (Unityscript)

Marble maze simulator made for the Mini Ludum Dare #47 48h jam and Charity Game Jam 2 Turbo, and my November entry for 1GAM.



A Marble maze simulator with Marble Madness-like levels.

The idea for the game came from MiniLD’s theme, which involved remaking your first ever game. This isn’t that because i can’t remember much about it (a first-person shooter in Powerpoint). Rather, it’s a re-imagining of a few concepts i had in some of my early paper-based games.

As a kid i had a wooden marble maze just like the one in the game, and i used it as a sort of level selector for my games: each hole would lead to a different level. Back then the maze was just for choosing levels and the games were completely different, but for this i wanted to use the same mechanic. The levels are loosely based off some old maze drawings of mine.

The intention was to populate each hole with a level but the mechanic isn’t as fun as i envisioned, so i stopped after the first three. Either way, the game ends when you finish the maze.