Aurora Chronicles (prototype)

Genre: 2D Action Sidescroller

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3 + CitrusEngine/Box2D + CE LevelArchitect

Aurora Chronicles follows the journey of an elven archer-mage in human lands, seeking a magic crystal under orders from his emperor.



Aurora Chronicles is a 2D action sidescroller in a classic Sword-and-Sorcery setting that pits elves against humans. You control Caelir, an archer-mage who uses his arrows to channel spells into levels of precision unattainable by common mages, a boon not only in combat but also as a means of getting rid of organic obstacles.

The game is split into four parts, each containing three levels and each of these levels separated by a cutscene. Each part features different environments, enemies and obstacles which the character will have to overcome using the different spells obtained throughout the game.


The game was developed in a team of six, wherein i was lead designer and programmer. The prototype we created and presented contains a nearly complete first level, featuring two types of enemies plus two weapons and four spells for the main character. The prototype can be played below. Most of its graphics are placeholders, that is, non-final art.

The game is in development limbo and there are no plans to continue it at this time.


  • Left arrow/A, right arrow/D: Move horizontally
  • Up arrow/W/spacebar: Jump
  • Left mouse button: Attack with currently equipped weapon
  • Right mouse button: Cast currently readied spell
  • Shift/mouse scroll: Change equipped weapon
  • Number keys 1-4: Change readied spell


  • Bow: Hold to charge, aim with the mouse and release to fire.
  • Staff: Hold to charge, aim left or right with the mouse and release to attack.
  • 1.Haste: Increases your movement and jump speed. Continuously drains mana. Cast to toggle on/off.
  • 2.Barrier: Cast to create a wind barrier in front of you which knocks back enemies three times and is then destroyed.
  • 3.Flame Arrow (with bow): Arrow that explodes on contact.
  • 3.Flamethrower (with staff): Hold to cast a cone of fire that continuously drains mana.
  • 4.Gale Arrow (with bow): Arrow that is not affected by gravity.
  • 4.Windburst (with staff): Creates a sphere of wind which moves forward, knocking back enemies until it depletes.