Genre: Shooter
Format: Flash
Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling

Shooter with an ever-aging protagonist, made for the game jams #1GAMCRUNCH and Midsummer Jam and my June entry for 1GAM.

Play (MSJW)




A monk attempts to ascend to a higher plane of existence by confronting his inner fears, a life-long journey that sees him grow older and the effects age brings about.

There are three versions of the game, the #1GAMCRUNCH version (earlier) and the MSJW version (latter), since the jams had distinct grace periods, and a post-jam version still being updated.
#1GAMCRUNCH was a weekend game jam made for those participating in One Game a Month whose June entry wasn’t done yet. During the same period Midsummer Jam, a week-long jam, was ending. The game features both themes, “Unending” and “Growth” respectively.

This month i joined up with the awesome Sara Mena (Team Loading!) who did all the artwork and animations, which allowed me to deliver a far more polished game than usual. We used Spriter and SpriterMC to make and implement the animations, along with the ever-present TexturePacker.