Genre: Arcade
Format: Web (Unity)
Built in: Unity (C#)

An endless runner/Breakout hybrid, originally made in a week for the mini Ludum Dare #58 game jam.

Download (Android beta)

The system is being formatted! Use your CAT process to stay alive as long as you can, by batting it forward in this endless runner/Breakout hybrid!

The jam’s theme, “Pong”, had me skeptical at first, but this concept randomly jumped out at me as they are wont to do. The inspiration very likely came from CrossCode, the demo of which i had played not long before. It seemed like a simple but entertaining concept, and it ended up just as i had envisioned it. I considered adding split-screen multiplayer, but it didn’t seem worth the effort. The game was designed with touch controls in mind and i’m currently in the process of porting an extended version of it to Android; follow me on Twitter for any new updates.

All the artwork and sprite animation was made in Photoshop, music in SunVox + Audition, sounds in Bfxr.

Player video: