Genre: Platformer, Character Editor
Format: Flash
Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling

In-development prototype of a platformer character editor thing, started on the Mini Ludum Dare #49 and my February entry for 1GAM.

Play (most recent build, May 30th)
Play (February 1GAM version)
Play (48h MiniLD49 version)


In an underground laboratory in an undisclosed location, tests are being run to create an organism able to replicate anything it comes in contact with. As a scientist in charge of the project, your task is to splice samples of animal DNA into the organism, code-named CHIMERA, and guide the resulting creature through a test chamber.

This game is simply a character editor plaything and is intended to be the base for what will eventually become a metroidvania game. Think of it as the Spore Creature Creator for my Spore.
This project has been on my back-burner for a few years and i used the MiniLD jam to start it. A proper game was never intended to come out of it so i spent most of the 48 hours designing content, and ended up with almost no gameplay. This was rectified for the 1GAM version, which showcases the full test chamber and the several ways the creature has to traverse it. But i’m not done with it yet, and plan to continue developing the sandbox until every body part is fully functional. Only then will the preparations for the metroidvania start.