Dark Halls (tech demo)

Genre: 3D First-Person Adventure
Format: Windows executable
Built in: Blender

A 300 year old vampire, seeking a way to cure his curse, finds himself in the trail of a vial said to contain the blood of a daywalker.



“Maximilian (Max) Dean seeks the ideal woman. She will be able to heal the curse haunting him for over 300 years, when the with Morgana bewitched him and caused his rebirth as a vampire. Tired of the infighting of the vampire clans, Max knows only the blood of this woman will allow him to ascend to the position of leader, the Phoenix – a truly powerful reborn one, able to face even the light of day and the powerful pureblood vampires. He knows her only through references in old tomes and legends told by his elders. Will he be able to find her?”

I was given this generic plot and asked to model a game level for it. This gothic chapel was the result. The game itself is nothing more than a virtual tour through the level – you can only move the character and control the camera. Everything was modeled by me and the game controls were created through Blender’s game engine.




  • W, A, S, D: Move character
  • Directional arrows: Move camera
  • Spacebar: Jump