Dance Dance Roulette


Genre: Rhythm

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling

A rhythm game with a twist made for the game jam #1GAMCRUNCH and my January entry for 1GAM.

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#1GAMCRUNCH was a weekend game jam made for those participating in One Game a Month whose January entry wasn’t done yet. My January game, Life Tree, couldn’t be published yet so i took this chance. The theme for the jam was “One Hit Point/Golden Gun” with the bonus themes “Disco Mode” and “Unicorns”. I took the themes quite literally and made a rhythm game where you play with a golden revolver pointed at your head.

The game concept is intentionally small and simple. This allowed me to finish the game with an entire day to spare for polishing, and i intend to use the same approach for any upcoming weekend jams i join.