Dirk Soul

Genre: Sidescroller Melee
Format: Web (WebGL)
Built in: Unity (C#)

Dirk Soul is an endless arcade-style sidescrolling melee game, where you control one of five different melee weapons as you fight hordes of creatures. Made for the Indies VS Gamers 72h game jam.


The cursed dirk that claimed your life has also trapped your soul. Jump from weapon to weapon to fight your way through the dungeon in search of a way out.

Indies VS Gamers was a 72h jam where the shtick was to make a game that made use of the Gamejolt scoreboards. It also had a mandatory “Arcade” theme. The theme was pretty vague, but i knew i wanted to make an endless game to take advantage of the score mechanic. Brainstorming a way to keep the graphics simple and the animations minimal led me to the idea of the player being just a weapon, and the horrible Dirk Soul pun (Dark Souls) came quickly. I also restricted my graphics to use only the six shades in the IvG logo, both as an artistic challenge and another way to simplify the art. All of these turned out to be good choices, as i managed to end up with a rather polished final product.

All artwork was made in Photoshop; music generated in cgMusic, edited in Audition; sounds generated in Bfxr; featuring the voice talent of Microsoft Hazel Desktop, edited in Audition.

Player videos: