Deep In The Haze

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Format: Windows executable
Built in: RPG Maker 2003

A strange haze devastates the planet, as a young woman searches for ways to counter it while trying to aid her poisoned comrade.



Deep In The Haze is a traditional turn-based RPG with a fantasy post-apocalyptic setting and an over-arching theme of hope in the face of betrayal. It follows the journey of Temper, a young recruit of a research laboratory that works day and night to study the haze and the creatures that rise from it.

The game features a long narrative with many branching side-quests, multiple endings and even an additional storyline that can be unlocked through multiple play-throughs.

This was my first attempt at a fully planned game (rather than something i made-up as i went), based on a pen-and-paper Final Fantasy VII game-slash-fanfic i created when i was 13.

The game has not aged well as the battles, for some reason, are much slower than they should be. I no longer create patches for the game as i haven’t touched it for over 5 years.
You can download the game here. It includes a manual with installing instructions because the installer is weird. There is also a text walkthrough available that covers all the endings and the additional storyline.