Commuting Cognition

Commuting Cognition: Dash Quest Heroes

  Dash Quest Heroes Dash Quest Heroes is a charming streamlined hack-n-slash RPG, and it’s pretty fun. Your charact

Commuting Cognition: Mighty Battles

  Mighty Battles Mighty Battles is a Clash Royale-like that actually attempts to improve on the formula instead of just r

Commuting Cognition: Darts of Fury

  Darts of Fury Darts of Fury is a darts game with a rather unique winning condition. You throw the darts by flicking the

Commuing Cognition: Spin a Zoo

  Spin a Zoo Spin a Zoo is an interesting concept that combines mechanics of idle games with the instant gratification of

Commuting Cognition: Boundland

  Boundland Boundland is a pretty decent platformer that grabbed my attention because of its use of incentives. You contr

Commuting Cognition: Eminence: Xander’s Tales

  Eminence: Xander’s Tales Eminence is Triple Triad. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s analyse its

Commuting Cognition: Force Escape

  Force Escape Force Escape is an endless runner where, instead of controlling the runner, your task is to swat away the

Commuting Cognition: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

  Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Shadow of War looks like an Idle Heroes at first, but it’s actually a lot deeper than

Commuting Cognition: Drag’n’Boom

  Drag’n’Boom Drag’n’Boom is a super cool action game with very little challenge. You control you

Commuting Cognition: Brick Shot 2

  Brick Shot 2 Brick Shot 2 is a simplistic action-puzzle game with not much to write about, save for one particular acce

Commuting Cognition: Pocket Mine 3

  Pocket Mine 3 Pocket Mine 3 is a streamlined digger game with a lot of good things going for it. Your goal is to dig do

Commuting Cognition: Dragonbolt Vanguard

  Dragonbolt Vanguard Daily spin! I don’t know what any of the rewards are because there was no gameplay yet, so it

Commuting Cognition: KoKo Fighters

  KoKo Fighters KoKo Fighters is a hack ‘n’ slash that eschews virtual buttons, so you know i had to try it.

Commuting Cognition: The Human Age, Bored Ogre

  The Human Age The Human Age is 2048, with one particularly subtle but interesting difference. You’re in charge of

Commuting Cognition: Angry Birds Match, Star Squad Heroes

  Angry Birds Match Angry Birds Match is pretty much another match-three game, but it has an interesting mechanic that se

Commuting Cognition: Battle Golf Online, Swipe Casters

  Battle Golf Online Battle Golf Online is a somewhat bland cannon game skinned as a golf game. You and your opponent sta

Commuting Cognition: Mini Guns, Disc League

  Mini Guns Mini Guns is Clash Royale with an Advance Wars coat of paint. You start the game with a deck of units, each o

Commuting Cognition: Martial Arts Brutality

  Martial Arts Brutality MAB is a unique and very complex blend between a fighting game and a card game. The basic premis

Commuting Cognition: Zlatan Legends

  Zlatan Legends Zlatan Legends is an arcadey sports/racing game featuring Zlatan, a person i’ve never heard of but

Commuting Cognition: Block Droppin’, Wingy Pop

  Block Droppin’ Block Droppin’ is Match-Four meets Tetris, which sounded like a really cool concept in my he

Commuting Cognition: Cat Bird

  Cat Bird! Cat Bird is a gorgeous-looking platformer designed for controllers. The controls are virtual buttons, two to

Commuting Cognition: Rainbonauts

  Rainbonauts Rainbonauts mashes Tetris with Pipe Dream to make something pretty unique. Pieces slowly fall from the top

Commuting Cognition: Redbros

  Redbros Redbros is a Zelda-like dungeon crawler RPG with one very interesting mechanic in particular. You control a par

Commuting Cognition: Nitro Chimp, Overtake King

  Nitro Chimp Grand Prix Nitro Chimp is a lane-based action stunt racing game. If that sounds like a lot of words that

Commuting Cognition: Snipers vs Thieves, Crazy Volleyball Physics

  Snipers vs Thieves Snipers vs Thieves is an asymmetric multiplayer game, one side being a first-person shooter, another

Commuting Cognition: Super Pig Dash

  Super Pig Dash Super Pig Dash is a sort of endless lane jumper with a pretty unique aesthetic. You control your pig by

Commuting Cognition: Kroko Bongo, Crossy Traffic

  Kroko Bongo Kroko Bongo is literally Donkey Kong Country, but as a rhythm game! Disclaimer: i love DKC, and that probab

Commuting Cognition: Amigo Pancho 2, Dyna Knight

  Amigo Pancho 2 Amigo Pancho 2 is kinda like a much simpler The Incredible Machine-styled puzzle game that uses touch co

Commuting Cognition: Silly Walks, Run on the Beat

  Silly Walks Silly Walks is I Am Bread meets QWOP, but much easier to control. It’s good wacky fun. You control a

Commuting Cognition: SailCraft, Power Hover: Cruise

  SailCraft SailCraft is Battleship! With added bells and whistles. I didn’t realise it until today, but why are Ba

Commuting Cognition: Cavefall, Snake Towers

  Cavefall: Endless Adventures Cavefall is an endless faller. The most obvious comparison is Downwell, but a much simpler

Commuting Cognition: Tumblestone, Spin Addict

  Tumblestone Tumblestone is a match-three game with a few extra mechanics and a few more odd design decisions. It noncha

Commuting Cognition: Bacon May Die

  Bacon May Die Bacon May Die is an auto-moving brawler. I don’t think i’d ever played a brawler game on mobi

Commuting Cognition: Space Frontier, 1-Bit Return

  Space Frontier An interstitial AND a video ad before i even have time to read the tutorial? Have some restraint, guys.

Commuting Cognition: Questy Quest, PixelMaze

  Questy Quest Questy Quest is a wave-based RPG (think StreetPass Quest), where you fight monster after monster by timing

Commuting Cognition: Road Warriors, Infinite Roads

  Road Warriors Road Warriors is a stunt racing game. It’s single-player, and your opponents spawn at fixed locatio

Commuting Cognition: Dark Beyond, Simple Knights

  Dark Beyond Dark Beyond is a puzzle game, ostensibly, where you tap on bubbles. That’s basically it. You’re

Commuting Cognition: Flick Heroes

  Flick Heroes The game opens quite nonchalantly on the main menu, which at this point consists only of a locked door wit

Commuting Cognition: Beardmen, ELEV8

  Beardmen Beardmen is Puzzle Quest meets tower defence. You tap on clusters of three or more jewels of a kind to gather

Commuting Cognition: Age of Solitaire – Civilization

  Age of Solitaire – Civilization Before even seeing the title screen, you get a daily bonus. Bit early for that. I

Commuting Cognition: Gummy Heroes, Vista Golf

  Gummy Heroes Gummy Heroes is an auto-runner platformer. As you run you free your fellow gummy compatriots, who run behi

Commuting Cognition: Unlucky 13

  Unlucky 13 Unlucky 13 is a puzzle game where you place coloured pieces on a board, with the intent to fill lines to cle

Commuting Cognition: Wagers of War, Leap On

  Wagers of War Wagers of War is Hearthstone, but with playing cards. The cards act as monsters which you can cast for a

Commuting Cognition: WWE Tap Mania, .io., Line Ride

  WWE Tap Mania Disclaimer: i know next to nothing about WWE. Now that that’s out of the way, WWE Tap Mania is a st

Commuting Cognition: Glyph Quest Chronicles, Sticker Switch Quest

  Glyph Quest Chronicles Glyph Quest Chronicles is a match-three puzzle game where you match orbs to deal damage to oppos

Commuting Cognition: Wicked OZ Puzzle, Finger Dart

  Wicked OZ Puzzle Wicked Oz Puzzle markets itself as a unique Match 3 Puzzle game. I saw nothing that made me believe th

Commuting Cognition: Power Slide, Not Match

  Power Slide – Let’s Rock! Power Slide is an action game, where you hold the screen to move around and relea

Commuting Cognition: Knights Fall

  Knights Fall Knights Fall is a bit hard to describe. It’s kinda like a tower defence game mixed with pinball. You

Commuting Cognition: Bouncy Hero, Laps – Fuse

  Bouncy Hero Bouncy Hero is an endless runner where you spend most of the time holding the screen. You hold and drag to

Commuting Cognition: Snoopy Pop, A Planet of Mine, Golden Path Quest, Ruins of Glitterdeep

  Snoopy Pop Snoopy Pop is Puzzle Bobble. That’s pretty much it. It’s a King-style +1 of the original, level-

Commuting Cognition: BotHeads, Fall Down, Crushy Bricks

  BotHeads BotHeads is a platformer where you move a little robot left and right to avoid obstacles. For reasons i can

Commuting Cognition: Drop Wizard Tower, Cobi Shoot!

  Drop Wizard Tower Drop Wizard Tower is Bubble Bobble, but streamlined for mobile. The character moves on their own and

Commuting Cognition: Dude Ball, Ultimate Tennis Revolution

  Dude Ball Wow, an interstitial ad before i even got to look properly at the title screen, i think that’s a new re

Commuting Cognition: Game of Coinball,

  Game of Coinball Game of Coinball is a weird sports game, played with coins, that took me quite a bit to understand. En

Commuting Cognition: Game of War: Fire Age, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

  Game of War: Fire Age Game of War isn’t exactly a new game by any means, but i had some extra time this week and

Commuting Cognition: Swing King, Math Smashers

  Swing King and the Temple of Bling Swing King is an action puzzle game that has you swing in four directions from rope

Commuting Cognition: ChronoBob

  ChronoBob ChronoBob is a puzzle platformer that has you do low-gravity jumps to loop around the screen and reach other

Commuting Cognition: Flippy Hills, Adventures of Flig, Swim Up

  Flippy Hills Flippy Hills is a level-based platformer, i guess you could call it, that has you control a chicken by tap

Commuting Cognition: Castle Revenge, Monkey Ropes

  Castle Revenge Castle Revenge, the latest game in the Screaming Angry Man Icon series, is a half-castle builder half-sl

Commuting Cognition: Miner Mines, Two Touch: Switch

  Miner Mines Miner Mines is essentially a Flappy Bird under disguise. You’re moving down a mine, scrolling past co

Commuting Cognition: 66 Balls

  66 Balls 66 Balls is an interesting one. I guess the closest i could compare it to is Peggle, in that you shoot pellets

Commuting Cognition: Flick Champions Extreme Sports

  Flick Champions Extreme Sports Flick Champions Extreme Sports is a collection of mini-games, all based on drag-and-drop

Commuting Cognition: Astro Chimp

  Astro Chimp Astro Chimp is a super fun Auto-Runner Platformer. You control a permanently running chimp, tapping to jump

Commuting Cognition: MathFighter, Clicker Fred

  MathFighter MathFighter is a simple math game, skinned as a knight fighting off enemy soldiers. It’s a cute idea,

Commuting Cognition: Taxi Surfer, The Floor Is Lava

  Taxi Surfer Taxi Surfer is an endless jumper that has you jump onto moving cars instead of dodging them. Specifically y

Commuting Cognition: Bike Race, Phase Spur

  Racing Games 2017-Bike Race Bike Race Happy Wheels Keywords SEO is a racing game with waaAAaAaaAcky physics! You have v

Commuting Cognition: Flipping Legend, Candy Shake Cup

  Flipping Legend Flipping Legend is a spin on Crossy Road (what do we call that genre? Endless Hopper?) that has you mov

Commuting Cognition: Art of Conquest

  Art of Conquest Art of Conquest is a strategy game, similar to Heroes of Might and Magic but with real-time battles. Up

Commuting Cognition: GX Monsters, X-Tanks, Platforms

  GX Monsters GX Monsters is a classic 2D Motocross Racing game, with monster trucks. Right off the bat the controls aren

Commuting Cognition: Gatecrasher, Cage Away

  Gatecrasher Gatecrasher is a fast-paced obstacle avoider a la Super Hexagon, with a super cool soundtrack. You control

Commuting Cognition: Dream Pinball

Dream Pinball It took me a few plays to realize what was going on with this game but, once it clicked, i got super excited. Dr

Commuting Cognition: Blocky Pirates, Don’t Touch the Lava

Blocky Pirates Blocky Pirates is essentially a take on Crossy Road, with pirates. Unlike Crossy Road, where there is constant

Commuting Cognition: Level 24, Bouncy Hoops

  Level 24 Level 24 is a puzzle game in the style of 2048, where you collapse cells of a certain colour to increase their

Commuting Cognition: BitChip Bounce, Canyon Crash – Fall Down

  Bitchip Bounce BitChip Bounce essentially has you playing pong against yourself. You control two characters and tap to

Commuting Cognition: • Glide, Ball O

  • Glide Gilde (Dot Gilde?) starts off with a tutorial explaining the controls, which basically boil down to tapping t