Genre: Sports

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3

A simple soccer game made for the game jam Fuck This Jam.

Submission page


Fuck This Jam was a week-long game jam, for which the theme was creating a game in a genre you hated. With that in mind, i took up sports. I had several additional features planned for this game but it seems i underestimated the genre and ended up with no extra time.

The game was built from scratch and the graphics are code-generated, which explains their quality. However, this allowed me to make the player generation completely random, giving a different experience every time.


Player skins, stats and default positions are randomized. Refresh to get new ones.

Selection screen

  • Each team has a different rating on each of the 5 stats, which represents the average prowess of each player on that team:
  • Power affects the strength of the player’s kick;
  • Speed affects the speed of the player’s sprint;
  • Endurance affects the player’s stamina, that is, how long they can hold a sprint;
  • Guile affects the chance of stunning an opponent on contact;
  • Intelligence affects the player’s AI.

Preparation screen

  • Press Quick Start to start a game with the team’s default formation, or drag players into the circular zones then press Start to play with a custom formation.
  • The numbers under a player’s name are their stats (if the screen is clipping the stats, right-click on it and choose “Show All”; alternatively, play in full resolution through the jam’s submission page). From left to right, they represent powerspeedenduranceguile and intelligence.
  • Spectator mode starts the game without giving you control of a player. This can be changed in-game.


  • Arrow keys: move selected player.
  • WASD: change player; W and S scroll between players in the same vertical lane; A selects a player from the previous lane; D selects a player from the following lane.
  • Space bar: kick the ball if carrying it; kick strength is based off the player’s power stat.
  • Shift: hold to sprint, based off the player’s speed stat; sprinting spends stamina, which is based off the player’s endurance stat.
  • Escape: pause game and open the pause menu.