Haze Chronicles Redux

Genre: Non-linear Interactive Novel

Format: Java executable

Built in: Java + NetBeans

A strange haze devastates the planet, as a young woman searches for ways to counter it while trying to aid her poisoned comrade.



Haze Chronicles Redux is a re-imagination of Deep In The Haze as a non-linear narrative, with a fantasy post-apocalyptic setting and an over-arching theme of hope in the face of betrayal. It follows the journey of Temper, a young recruit of a research laboratory that works day and night to study the haze and the creatures that rise from it.

Redux is based off the core storyline, events and locations of the original but expands and improves them as an attempt to make them more credible. A lot of non-essential content was removed from the original; as a result, the story is more consistent, organized and (hopefully) plot-hole free, a flaw i identified in the game and wanted to fix.
It features a long narrative with three distinct endings and where every choice has an impact in the events.

Despite having conceived Redux as the quintessential version of Deep In The Haze, i believe both versions have their own merits and strongly recommend anyone interested to not overlook one or the other.