Hidden Power


Genre: Puzzle

Format: Windows executable

Built in: Game Maker: Studio free

Boulder Dash meets Pipe Dream, made for the game jams #1GAMCRUNCH and Mini-Ludum Dare, and my (2nd) February entry for 1GAM.



#1GAMCRUNCH was a weekend game jam made for those participating in One Game a Month whose February entry wasn’t done yet. During the same period Mini Ludum-Dare #40 was also running. With that in mind, i incorporated the themes of both into my game: “Hidden Surprises” and “The real world”, respectively. Granted that the real world part of the game is little more than a silly plot, but it’s there.

The game takes the concept of Boulder Dash and makes it into a turn-based puzzle game, where you have to try and collect all the crystals before the caves are flooded Pipe Dream-style. There’s also a hidden room somewhere in the game; can you find it?


  • Arrow keys/WASD: move character;
  • Escape/P: pause game.