Life Tree


Genre: Tower Defense

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3

The Tree of Life attempts to grow as forces from Heaven and Hell try to capture it for themselves.



Life Tree is a Tower Defense game with a twist: as enemies approach you from either side of the screen, you must rotate your planet to aim your towers against them. On your planet grows the Tree of Life; its fruits give you the power to build these defenses and essentially act as your lifeline as enemy forces attempt to destroy them.

The game features a skill tree to upgrade your powers and challenging bosses among many waves of enemies.

Concept image

The concept for the game was created on a game design workshop in the 3D Wire Market of Segovia, Spain, with a team of 4. Each team had to create a game concept based around “Growth” and “Heaven and Hell”, if memory serves correctly. Life Tree ended up winning first place in the workshop.

The game was finished in January and submitted to the Viope Game Programming Contest 2012-2013. Because of the contest’s rules the game’s official release was only in February, making it my second entry for One Game a Month.

Promotional image