Genre: Puzzle/Action
Format: Web (Unity)
Built in: Unity (C#)

A puzzle game and an action game in one, made in a week for the Themebound Jam and slowly polished during the rest of the month.

Play (1 week jam version)

War has claimed the world. A desperate attempt at changing the course of history rests in the Mindjump, a machine with unpredictable consequences.

The Themebound Jam was a week-long jam, where the goal was to use as many themes as possible from its pool of 25.
The theme that spoke to me was “Small worlds within everyday objects”, which is ironic as it ended up as one of the few i didn’t use. It brought to my mind images of Disgaea, a tactical RPG where you could essentially enter your weapons and fight inside them to upgrade them. Then i started connecting themes. From “Plug & Play” (multiple games in one) came the idea of each “world” having its own gameplay style; that led to a puzzle game acting as a sort of hub, where each tile would be an everyday object and matching 3 or more would send you into that object’s world. From “Time Travel” i started conceptualizing the narrative, and came up with a Terminator/Parasite Eve hybrid where you jump to someone else’s body in a different time period. Everything else came organically from development, and i didn’t even realize i had used some themes until i counted them at the end of the jam. The full list can be found in the game’s description.
Initially the plan was to have three gameplay styles: the Tetris/Match 3 puzzle hub (inspired by a Brickmania handheld console i used to play as a kid), an action game set in the past where you’d control a knight, and a bullet hell set in the future where you’d control a spacecraft pilot. The puzzle game turned out to be trickier than i anticipated and i spent a lot of time debugging it. Additionally, being used to 48h jams, i didn’t manage my time efficiently at all. This forced me to scale back and remove the bullet hell game completely, which led to a narrative redesign into a more classic Terminator plot. In the end i finished the game with time to spare but not enough time to polish it, which led to the adoption of the “Monochrome” theme.
And yes, i do seem to have a thing for spider-like creatures.

All the artwork and sprite animation was made in Photoshop, music in SunVox, sounds in Bfxr.