One Room Hotel

Genre: Management Sim
Format: Web (WebGL)
Built in: Unity (C#)
Card-based management sim of a hotel with only one room. Made for the Ludum Dare #37 48h game jam.


The One Room Hotel has been in your family for generations, and the task of managing it has now fallen to you.
As the name implies, only one guest can stay at the hotel at the time; choosing which guest to keep and managing their happiness is the main challenge of the game.
You’ll need to stock up on cards that represent different types of food and entertainment, which you can then use to keep the guest amiable.

Ludum Dare is the classic 48h game jam competition. The theme for #37 was “One Room”.

The core of the game is pretty much finished, though it could of course use more balancing, content, and polish. There is no winning condition, you can play to your heart’s content (or until you run out of funds).

The LD competition requires participants to create every single asset in the game. All artwork was made in Aseprite; music was generated in cgMusic, with minor edits in Audition; sounds were generated and mixed in Bfxr.