O.N.E. Says

Genre: Mini-game

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling

Short mini-game made for the Ludum Dare #28 48h competition, Holiday Game Jam and my December entry for 1GAM.

Play (48h LD28/HGJ version)


It’s Christmas eve and Santa’s busy with all the kids’ letters. Since he can only read English, he acquired a robot translator named O.N.E. (Objective Noun Exchanger) to translate the foreign letters. However, O.N.E.’s translations are rough at best and Santa has to decode their meaning. Because no matter how bad the translations are, Santa doesn’t get the letters; he only gets O.N.E.!

Ludum Dare is the classic 48h game jam competition. The theme for #28 was “You Only Get One”. I wanted to approach the theme from the not obvious direction and started brainstorming about “get” in the sense of “understand”. That led me to the idea of a protocol droid, translating things you had to decode. My first concept was having the droid translate meaning but not inflection, which you had to deduce from the targets’ facial expressions. Since that was way beyond my reach, i tried to dumb the concept down and think of tie-ins to the Holiday Game Jam until this eventually popped up. I struggled with the concept a bit because the gameplay is just so simple, but decided to run with it and spend more time on assets with the all-hand-drawn artwork.

The LD competition requires participants to create every single thing in the game. The artwork was hand-drawn, scanned to and edited in Photoshop, plus BMFont and TexturePacker. Music made in SunVox; it was meant to be just a christmas song but i was having so much fun that it got a bit wild, for better or for worse. Translations were generated from http://ackuna.com/badtranslator