Perception Filter

Genre: First-person Adventure
Format: Windows/OS X/Linux builds
Built in: Unity (Unityscript)

Slightly weird first-person adventure-ish game involving invisible objects, made for the Mini Ludum Dare #48 48h jam, and my January entry for 1GAM 2014.

Download (Windows)
Download (Mac, untested)
Download (Linux, untested)

Note: i have no way of testing the Mac/Linux builds. Web build wasn’t working at all so it’s download-only, sorry.

I’ve been binge-watching Doctor Who lately and there are a myriad of awesome concepts in that show that stuck with me, notably that of the perception filter. In the show, this filter is used as an unconventional way of camouflage in that it doesn’t actually hide the object; rather, it makes the viewer just not care that the object’s there.

Enter the MiniLD and its theme keywords: façade, scheme, conspiracy and deceit. As soon as i read façade the perception filter jumped immediately into my mind, and i started thinking of ways to represent it in a game. There was no way i could actually manipulate the player’s thoughts but i didn’t just want to make traditional camouflage either. My concept was based around a skewed mirror of sorts, something that showed the environment around it but slightly to the side, or at a slight degree. In technical Unity terms, it meant having a second camera attached to the player but slightly off, and that camera would be rendered onto the object’s surface. I completely forgot that this was a Unity pro feature, however, so that concept fell flat and untested. Feel free to try it out and let me know. Going back to the drawing board, i gave in to the more common transparent-with-shadow concept.

The game turned out more of a tech demo of sorts and an exercise in level design, as i poured a bunch of different ideas i had about the camouflage mechanic into a big bundle that’s hard to categorize. It’s intentionally weird and was a lot of fun to make. Due to time constraints only four levels out of the planned six (not counting the tutorial) were implemented, and there’s no ending.

Default controls (configurable):

  • Arrow keys/WASD: move;
  • Mouse: look around;
  • E/Left mouse button: interact;
  • R: retry level;
  • Escape: return to mission hub;
  • M: mute.