Pixel Rogue

Genre: Roguelike

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling


Simple classic roguelike in 32×32 resolution (upscaled for playability), made in under 48h for the lowrezjam and my May entry for 1GAM.




The lowrezjam was a month-long jam with the overall theme of creating games in a resolution no higher than 32×32. I favor 48h jams, but since May’s miniLD didn’t appeal to me i decided to do a weekend crunch for this one instead. I went with a roguelike because i knew i had extra time beyond the 48h, but the development actually went really smoothly and i finished everything well under my deadline. This extra time was used to generate sound effects, something my games rarely have, and polishing the background music to actually give it a structure, as opposed to the rather chaotic melodies i usually end up with. Hope that didn’t make it repetitive, though.

All of the artwork was generated in code, save the title screen which was made in Photoshop for my own convenience. Music was made in SunVox, and the sounds generated in Bfxr.

Player video: