Pokémon Battle Simulator & Pokédex (discontinued)

Genre: Turn-based Battle Simulator
Format: Java executable
Built in: Java + NetBeans

A 1st generation incomplete Pokémon battle simulator and mostly complete Pokédex.



This is a compendium of 2 of 3 projects i had planned at the time: a Pokédex, a Pokémon battle simulator and a full-fledged Pokémon RPG which i ended up scrapping.

The Pokédex is fully functional with all 1st gen Pokémon, featuring a complete list of maximum stats per level and movelist from all four 1st gen games, cries from the original games for every Pokémon, and Pokédex entries from all games that had been released to date for Pokémon up to #42. It also features a search function by name or number.

The Pokémon battle simulator features all 1st gen Pokémon and the damage calculation formulas are the same ones used in the original games. Most, but not all, of the 1st gen moves are implemented though some of them are buggy. The battles are completely text-based and there are no animations.

The Pokédex was largely made as a way for me to get used to the NetBeans IDE. The battle simulator was ultimately scrapped because i had absolutely no skills in project organization at the time and coming back to it even scarce months later was a nightmare.