Genre: Arcade
Format: Web (WebGL)
Built in: Unity (C#)
Polygonal is a simple sidescroller where you must avoid walls by flying through gates. These gates are locked to one of three shapes that you can *shapeshift* into at any time. Made for the Ludum Dare #35 48h game jam.


Ludum Dare is the classic 48h game jam competition. The theme for #35 was “Shapeshift”. Fearing most ideas could require a large amount of art assets, i tried to think of a very simple idea. This was based off the likes of Missile Game and Super Hexagon, so it’s not terribly original; i tried to make up for it by adding as much polish (read: particles) as possible. Didn’t have time to make a lot of distinct waves, but i’m pleased with the result.

The LD competition requires participants to create every single asset in the game. All artwork was made in Photoshop; music was generated in cgMusic; sounds were generated in Bfxr; minor audio edits in Audition.