Genre: Strategy

Format: Windows executable

Built in: C++ + SFML

Very simple card strategy game, made for the miniLD low-level 48h jam and my September entry for 1GAM.




Heavily based on Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad, the goal is to fill and capture as many tiles as possible. You capture tiles if the edge of your card (sum of the two numbers on it) is greater than the colliding edge of the enemy card. The game has two simple AI variants, i plan to add a more complex one soonish.

This edition of the mini-Ludum Dare asked participants to make a game in a low-level language, and i needed practice in C++ so it was perfect timing. Using SFML may or may not be counted as cheating but everything was code-generated. The game also follows 1GAM’s September theme, “Hexagons”.


  • To play a card, type the letter of the card followed by the number of the tile (e.g. A4), then press Enter.
  • Number keys: select menu option.
  • Escape: open pause menu.

If the game asks for a .dll when launched, you may need to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.