Genre: Rail-shooter

Format: HTML5

Built in: JavaScript + CreateJS + Google Web Voice

Voice-controlled rail-shooter made for the game jams #NoTouch #1GAMCRUNCH and Mini-Ludum Dare and my May entry for 1GAM.



A raging God, fed up with humanity, descends from the heavens to scourge the Earth and create an intergalatic highway in its place. With Him come raging fanatics and a legion of angels. Mankind fights back, using all tools available to them to wage war against the celestial invaders.
You are Cruncher Pat and pilot the Sirimech, a robotic war machine equipped with a prototype voice command input method. After a keenly aimed lightning bolt disables all conventional controls of the mech, Pat must rely on the unstable technology to fend off the incoming hordes.

#1GAMCRUNCH was a weekend game jam made for those participating in One Game a Month whose May entry wasn’t done yet. This time around there was a special #NoTouch challenge that involved making a game with no touchable inputs (no mouse, keyboard, etc.), wherein Sirimech won an honorable mention.
During the same period Mini Ludum-Dare 42 was also running. With that in mind, i incorporated the themes of both into my game: “Angry God” and “Earth will be Destroyed”, respectively.