Sprite Wars

Genre: Tower defense
Format: Windows executable
Built in: Unreal Engine (Blueprint)

Simple, abandoned Tower Defense prototype made during the UE4 Jam.


The UE4 jam had the goal of making a game in Unreal Engine 4 within 72 hours, with the theme “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”. I can’t really make 3D assets, and my tablet had recently died so i couldn’t make 2D assets either, so i played around with the concept of using lights as assets. I ended up with an idea of making a tower defense game where you were encouraged to not focus all your efforts in the same towers, by making splitting paths your enemies would randomly choose. The falling energy pellets idea was taken from Plants VS Zombies.

I wasn’t terribly sold on the idea, and making it didn’t change my mind so i ended up dropping from the jam. It was my first time making a very simple pathfinding algorithm, though, so that’s something.
All the assets are default UE4 assets.

Controls: Mouse to move the blue sprite and collect energy, left mouse button to spend energy on the nests.