Stolen Tales

Genre: Beat’em Up
Format: Web (WebGL)
Built in: Unity (C#)

Stolen Tales is a beat’em up starring a little girl who uses her plush toy as An Unconventional Weapon. Made for the Ludum Dare #32 48h competition.


Fairytale villains are stealing children’s storybooks to make them more vulnerable to their tactics. This night, however, they stumbled into the room of a little girl who will have none of that.

Ludum Dare is the classic 48h game jam competition. The theme for #32 was “An Unconventional Weapon”. I quickly got to the concept of a child wielding a plush toy, and the story came soon after. I knew the idea was ambitious and decided to focus on a single level to polish it as much as possible; Hansel and Gretel was the chosen tale because a gingerbread house and gingerbreadfolk are easy to make. In a hypothetical finished version, the game would jump from fairytale to fairytale.

The LD competition requires participants to create every single asset in the game. All artwork was made in Photoshop; music was generated in cgMusic + Audition; sounds were generated in Bfxr.