UNRoguEALike (Prototype)

Genre: FPS Roguelike
Format: Windows executable
Built in: Unreal Engine (Blueprint)

Barebones FPS roguelike made to teach myself how to use Unreal Engine, with the 7 Day Roguelike Jam as an excuse.


The 7 Day Roguelike Jam, as its name indicates, has the goal of creating a Roguelike game in a week.
I wanted to get into Unreal Engine after it became free and decided to use this jam as an excuse to do so. Unfortunately i didn’t have time to tinker with it before the jam started, so i just spent most of the week doing tutorials and getting used to the engine. I did end up with something playable, though, which if nothing else shows that the engine is pretty powerful even with no experience.
The dungeons are randomly generated, with a couple of enemy types. Windows only, sorry, couldn’t get the HTML5 build to work. I may play with it some more in the future.
All the assets are default UE4 assets.