Wall to Wall

Genre: Action
Format: Web (Unity)
Built in: Unity (C#)

Made in a week for the Music Video(game) Jam, this game lasts as long as the background music. Try to make as much progress as possible before the time runs out.


After an attack on your village, you have managed to trap the dark creatures in their cave. However, you became trapped as well. Can you find a way out?

The Music Video(game) Jam was a week-long jam, where the goal was to pick one of the songs made available to the participants and making a game around it, with a twist: the game had to be as long as the music, essentially becoming an interactive music video.
The music that most spoke to me was Last Level by Two Parent Home.
The inspiration for the game came from the Grey Wardens in the Dragon Age series: when they reach the end of their lives, they travel to the caverns of the Deep Roads with the only goal of defeating as many demons as possible before being inevitably overwhelmed. My idea was essentially that, with the addition of flashbacks on damage that worked both as exposition and an emotional charge to fit the music’s mood.
I ended up making everything i set out to do, and the week-long deadline allowed me to polish the game much more than i’m usually able to.

All the artwork and sprite animation was made in Photoshop. The font used was Please Don’t Leave NBP by Nate Halley.

Player video: