Youdunnit – What a horrible night to have a curse

Genre: Whodunnit Adventure

Format: Flash

Built in: ActionScript 3 + Starling

Reverse whodunnit with a twist, made for the Ludum Dare #29 48h competition and my April entry for 1GAM.



Reverse whodunnit where you play as the murderer, with a twist: you’ve been cursed into becoming a monster, but you don’t know what kind of monster. To get away you’ll need to learn what you are and place the blame on one of the other guests, all while keeping the curse in check.

Ludum Dare is the classic 48h game jam competition. The theme for #29 was “Beneath the Surface”. As always, i wanted to approach the theme from the not obvious direction (i.e. underwater or underground games) and started brainstorming about beneath the surface in a more figurative sense. Two concepts jumped out to me: detectives and werewolves. The jump to a whodunnit was pretty quick, and i feel the curse aspect gives it an original feel. The game also follows the secret second theme; study the Tome of Curses closely if you want to find it.

The LD competition requires participants to create every single thing in the game. The artwork was made in Photoshop with heavy reference usage, and the music was made in SunVox. The names database is from